germán herrera

About me
I am a visual artist with an interest in psychology, perception and our potential as human beings.   I have become most interested in art as an agent or catalyst, which, through beauty or else, seduces us to sense, feel and possibly think about a given proposition. Furthermore, this process of introspection, may help us gain access to aspects of our individual psycho/spiritual moment, and nature; ultimately contributing, to our potential growth as human beings. In contrast, I am less interested in art as a creative exercise to the service of the mind, a given market or advancement of the personality.   For the last decade, life has taken me to explore the potential that art has to inform the individual about the contents of the mind, conscious and unconscious. I have found this thematic surprising and absolutely fascinating, particularly if you allow the images to unfold by themselves rather than attempting to control their direction.   It took some time to see the direction of the body of work, it could be described as emotional or internal landscape, the actual pieces are photography based collages, editioned in limited numbers and printed with archival quality on 100% cotton paper.   In 2010 I took this body of work to Spain, presenting it in installation form, which included an audio track composes ex professo for this occasion. The project can be seen here, once this event took place, I felt  this form of working, with it's particular drive to exist, had fulfilled its purpose.



The first of five siblings in a family of psychologists, he inherited his love for photography from his maternal grandfather and an interest in music from his father and maternal grandmother. In 1978 he traveled to California to study photography, where he became interested in Afro Cuban drumming. In 1980 Herrera returned to Mexico and devoted himself to music and commercial photography. In the late 1980s he traveled to Cuba where he produced a body of documentary work, then stopped working in any form of image making for eleven years. His interest in spirituality took him to Poona, India, where he spent six months and met his wife for the second time, unaware of this fact. Continuing the process of self-investigation, he was able to do therapy work, which led to a two year training in Core Energetics (a Neo-Reichian form of internal work), which contributed fundamental information to his current form of image making. In 2001 he returned to photography, simultaneously discovering the complex potential of the digital environment as a creative tool.   Herrera was recipient of an Artist Residency at the de Young Museum in San Francisco in 2006. He is also the recipient of two Marin Council grants and has been nominated for the Eureka Awards, granted by the Fleischhacker Foundation. His work was selected by SF Camerawork, the Center for Photographic Art and Photoalliance for their print collector’s programs.   He has been exhibited in North and South America as well as in Europe, and is part of the permanent collections of the Bolinas Museum, California); Green Library at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California; Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and Harry Ransom Research Center, Texas; Museum of Photographic Arts of San Diego, California; Portland Art Museum, Oregon; and the Zoellner Arts Center (Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania), among others.   He lives in San Rafael, California, with his wife Nayana.